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Welcome to the Bay of Quinte and one of the best fishing spots in Ontario. Bay of Quinte is part of Prince Edward County and roughly two hours east of Toronto along Highway 401.

The Bay is well known as a world-class walleye fishery and serves as a spawning area for a lot of Lake Ontario's walleye population. Many of these large fish spend the summer months in the main lake, returning to the bay in the fall. Over the summer months anglers can do well for averaged-size walleye in Quinte, but it's during the fall when trophy hunters visit the Quinte area and troll the cold waters for brutes that push 10 to 12 pounds, and sometimes even more! Hook and land a 10-pound plus walleye, and you'll gain a new appreciation for these golden giants, not to mention that you'll likely gain some new respect among your fishing friends too.

Bay of Quinte FishingOf course, another great fishing fact about the Bay of Quinte is that there is an outstanding bass fishery lurking in the shadows of this well-known walleye spot. Bragging-sized smallmouth bass are easily found on the bay's numerous shoal areas and rocky points. These bronze bass put up impressive tussles whether they're a pound or a trophy. When you're fishing for Quinte smallmouth remember that if the fish doesn't jump and only digs into the deep water - it's a big one!

The numbers of trophy-size largemouth bass provide another great angling option in the Quinte area. There are several back bays and other shallow-water situations that draw in largemouth, waiting for an easy meal.

In addition to the popular species already listed, the bay also provides anglers with even more fishing opportunities. Pike are predominant in the bay and can regularly be found in and around weedbeds, points, and open water reefs. These spunky, water wolves regularly make drags sizzle when hooked and aren't afraid to give anglers a splash of water with their tales after being released.

Panfish, including big perch, are also found in strong populations in the bay. These species can be a nice balance for anglers looking for ice fishing opportunities beyond walleye. Panfish are also willing to bite most days and will rarely resist a worm dangled below a bobber. These traits make them the perfect species to target when spending time soaking in Quinte's scenery with a youngster off of a cottage dock.

And yes, there are even more angling possibilities! The waters also hold a variety of other types of fish. Gar pike, carp, catfish and freshwater drum are just a few examples. Although infrequently targeted (but often unintentionally hooked), these fish all put up aggressive fights and often gain the respect of most anglers as tough customers once they're released. If you do target these species, come to the Quinte region; it's an untapped jewel waiting to be explored by anglers.

The great fishing of this area is supported by excellent angling services. Bait shops, boat launches, marina and fishing charters are found throughout the Quinte region. Lodging options are diverse and will cater family vacations or strictly fishing-focused adventures.

Come to the Bay of Quinte area this year. The areas link to Lake Ontario and its excellent fish habitat, makes it a favourite haunt for trophy hunters and weekend anglers alike.

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